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Personal training

At The PGDC, we believe that our well-being is critical. Our physical fitness and our diet play a key role in improving mental well-being and overall health. Much more than simply a ‘before and after’, we ensure our client’s personal goals are achieved by creating a unique and tailored approach.

We offer Personal Training – face to face or online – and we can support you with any of the following:

* Weight Loss

* Muscle gain

* Toning up

* Functional training

* Body conditioning

* Circuits

* Improved cardiovascular performance

* Online coaching

Whatever your level of experience with exercise, our personalised training programmes and well-being goals will be provided for you, we care about your results as much as you do.


Our nutritionist will consult and engage with you, so you feel comfortable about discussing any health concerns – if necessary, we will investigate your full life history to discover the root cause of any problem, which will all help towards creating tailored treatments unique to you.

We also have specialists in fertility nutrition support for females and/or couples looking to optimise their fertility. This includes optimisation prior to IVF and other artificial insemination techniques and nutrition advice pre-conception.

We have helped people with many health conditions and offer treatments for:

* Auto-immune Disease

* Thyroid

* Lyme Disease

* Chronic Fatigue

* Skin Complaints

* Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Treatment

* Toxicity

* Fertility

* Weight Loss

* Women’s Health Nutrition

* Men’s Health Nutrition

* Cardiovascular Health

* Rheumatoid Arthritis

* Poor Gut Health

We offer one-to-one consultations and provide a wide range of corporate well-being services tailored to your personal needs. 

Wellbeing package one

  • Personal trainer - Online - 1 hour per session
  • 1 session - £35
  • 2 sessions - £70
  • 6 sessions - £210
  • 8 sessions - £280
  • 12 sessions - £420

Wellbeing package one

  • Personal trainer - Face to face 1 hour per session
  • 1 session - £40
  • 2 sessions - £80
  • 6 sessions - £240
  • 8 sessions - £320
  • 12 sessions - £480

Wellbeing package one

  • Nutritionist
  • One to one session including the initial consultation (1 hour) - £120
  • Follow up appointments - £90

Wellbeing package two

  • Six sessions of Personal training and nutritionist - £630

Wellbeing package three

  • Six sessions of counselling, Personal training and nutritionist - £1020

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.”

Sigmund Freud


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