The Women’s Development Programme

What is the Women’s Programme.

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This programme is a weekly structured development plan, which will help you address any area of your life that is stopping you from your personal best.

We will meet on a weekly basis each week to discuss and explore area (s) of concern.  The duration of the plan is for six weeks. This can be done face to face, Skype or telephone. It is recommended that you focus on; no more than two areas of concerns at a time, to ensure you make the changes that you would like to happen.

The aim of this programme

  1. Increase your self Confidence and Esteem
  2. Attract and keep the right type of men, and how to avoid meeting the wrong ones (including dating tips)
  3. Stress management
  4. Maintain your relationships (spouse, family, friends and work colleagues)
  1. Improve your self-image and diet,  so you can achieve your desired body weight or shape.
  2. Encourage you to set important goals, whether short or longterm, that are associated  with your personal or career development and achieve your desired outcome more quickly.
  3. Provide Support for single parents

Duration of each session

60 minutes per week –  one area of concern

90 minutes per week –  two or more areas of concern

Cost of the programme

£35 for assessment  – 1 hour

Sessions  – 60 Mins (£40) – one area of concern

Sessions – 90 Mins (£60) – two areas of concern